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Worried about the Renter’s Reform Bill? Let Us can help

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

The introduction of the Renter’s Reform Bill is understandably causing a lot of concern for private landlords, and many are choosing to exit the market. However, this reduces the supply of rented homes for people who really need them and only adds to the strain on the supply of housing. At Let Us we believe we have solutions which can alleviate many of the worries and minimise the potential pressure on landlords, ensuring we can work together to continue to provide sustainable, high quality, affordable homes across the region.

Landlords are often worried about tenant behaviour, complaints and rent arrears. These worries are becoming more profound as a result of the Renter’s Reform Bill which will end section 21 tenancy terminations. Working with Let Us means that we can take care of these issues for you and minimise the chance of tenancies terminating.

The 2021 English Private Landlords Survey highlighted the reasons some landlords may be reluctant to let homes to benefit claimants, including burdensome paperwork, a lack of knowledge of the system, and concerns about rent payment. The new bill will prohibit blanket bans on tenants claiming benefits which is no doubt worrying for many landlords. Let Us can help with this too, we are experienced at navigating the welfare benefits system so landlords can make their properties available to those who need them the most without the stress of getting involved in benefit claims.

Rising costs are affecting both landlords and tenants alike, but at Let Us we are determined to find ways to minimise the financial challenges. We offer greater certainty around income for landlords and remove financial barriers from people who really need a home to rent. We are working together with landlords so that we can help to tackle the housing crisis in Greater Manchester, offering the right homes to the right tenants and creating sustainable communities.

Our ethical approach is what we are most proud of. We offer a transparent service to landlords with no hidden costs. Our experience and expertise of managing tens of thousands of properties across the region means you can be sure your property is well managed, and the tenants are supported.

It couldn't be easier to work with us or get in touch today. Follow the link here ( and contact us! We can't wait to hear from you.

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