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Need to sell your property but don’t want to evict your tenant? Get in touch!

We understand that many landlords are looking to sell some, or all, of their rental properties, for a whole variety of reasons. But this is often a difficult decision, especially if there’s a great tenant living in the property who has turned it into a fantastic home.

Let Us is passionate about and determined to minimise the risk of homelessness, and this applies to not only our own tenants, but also other tenants being evicted in rented homes. We can help a wide range of people escape the risk of homelessness and feel safe in the knowledge that they can stay in their homes.

Let Us has introduced several landlords who wish to sell to one of our investment partners, who have been able to purchase the properties with the tenant in situ. The properties have then been leased to Let Us, and the tenant has continued to live in the home that they love, safe in the knowledge that they won’t need to up sticks at short notice.

The process doesn’t involve estate agents so it’s a lot easier for all parties included. It really is a win all round; landlords can sell their properties, tenants stay in the house they’ve made a home, and Let Us can continue to support those tenants for the long term.

If you have a property you are interested in selling, please get in touch at

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