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Let Us provides a full range of property management services

At Let us we are proud to be providing a housing service that works for everyone. We are tackling the housing crisis not only by increasing supply but by offering only good quality, safe homes that are perfect for our tenants to thrive in. This means setting a high standard and working with landlords who share our ambitions.

Let Us is a group of experienced housing providers with teams of experts who make sure that our homes are well managed and safe. We know that landlords can sometimes find navigating the requirements around property standards challenging, particularly if they are less experienced or not located nearby. Our approach can help, we will advise landlords throughout the relationship to enable us to continue to work together to provide great homes.

If you decide to work with us, we will ensure that you understand everything that is required from you and likewise, everything that you should expect from us. We will help you to understand the standards that you need to meet or what work that needs to be done to a property.

We know there are letting agencies and offers everywhere you look but our competitive rates will provide you an income that you never have to worry about, with your property in the hands of partners who have a combined property management trading history of over 100 years. Our aim is to be able to offer more choice and opportunities for tenants who want a great home in Greater Manchester.

We’re creating an agency that works for everyone, Let Us help you be part of positive change. Let Us help you be a landlord that everyone admires.

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