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Let Us is a group of committed property partners across Greater Manchester who want to support the people, businesses and investors of Greater Manchester to make the most of their ambitions, their money, their lives and the community.


We support landlords and tenants at all stages of their private rental journey and as experts in the local landscape, we have connections across every borough and are backed by Andy Burnham. We’re in the right place for you to make the most of and contribute to Greater Manchester.


Our combined group of housing partners manage 40,000+ properties across all boroughs and are proud to have access to the knowledge and people that you need to succeed in the area. It costs money and time to start up relationships, Let Us take care of that for you.

As local leaders, we are best equipped to deliver the results you want, be that to let a great property or make the most of your portfolio. Never underestimate the power of local businesses who want to make their area thrive.

Let Us help you make the most out of Greater Manchester and its great homes!

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