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The Housing Crisis and Let Us

Manchester has experienced a renaissance in recent years. With companies moving into the city, new restaurants and bars turning the city centre into a destination, and a growing reputation on the world stage, Manchester is recapturing some of the essence that made it one of the best cities in the world nearly 200 years ago.

Ours is a city of firsts, having launched the industrial revolution, split the atom, and invented the first proper raincoat in the Mackintosh. However, with our city’s rapid growth comes another first – a housing crisis which we are struggling to resolve.

Manchester alone needs 10,000 more affordable houses in the next 10 years to deal with the growth and to curb the impact of the housing crisis on those who are most vulnerable in our city; but the challenge of increasing demand for affordable housing exists more widely across Greater Manchester, in every borough.

At Let Us, we work with landlords throughout Greater Manchester who want to make a difference, providing affordable housing to the right tenants. We’re working with many private landlords in the region, but we are continually seeking more affordable homes as the pressure on Council waiting lists increases.

We work with landlords throughout all boroughs in Greater Manchester, working to provide high quality affordable housing for people in every borough – not just in the city. At Let Us, we know that there is demand throughout the region from both landlords and tenants for a fair solution, and we passionately deliver that model.

We’ll work with you to ensure a reliable rental income, safe in the knowledge that our partners manage over 40,000 properties in Greater Manchester, and that you can harness that experience to provide homes that change lives. We’ll work to ensure that you can make a difference for renters in Greater Manchester, bringing the number of affordable homes available in the region closer to the levels that we need.

Let Us members are focused on providing the best experience to residents in Greater Manchester and a great service to investors, and that ensures that when you work with Let Us, you’re making a positive impact in the Greater Manchester community.

Wherever you’re looking to let or rent in Greater Manchester, from Trafford to Wigan, Stockport to Oldham, Let Us is here to support you finding the fairest solution to letting in Greater Manchester. If you want to work with Let Us, we’re always open to helping private landlords find the right tenants in Greater Manchester and making sure that no one in the property market is at a disadvantage.

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