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Why is Let Us: The Great MCR Ethical Lettings Agency, important in the current landscape?

Greater Manchester is lucky to have organisations and leaders that are looking to transform the private rental sector and tackle the housing crisis. However, there is a still a long way to go and not all landlords practice in an ethical way.

Our goal as an ethical letting’s agency is to help to tackle the housing crisis in Greater Manchester by increasing the supply of high-quality affordable homes. We achieve this by working with landlords to make private rented properties available to people who really need a place to call home and removing the financial barriers that often get in the way. Now, more than ever – this goal of ours is important. For a long time, it has been no secret that demand for social housing far outweighs supply, and the rate of housebuilding can’t keep up. With recent proposals around the extension of Right to Buy, it’s possible the supply of affordable homes could reduce further. Access to affordable housing is becoming increasing difficult for many households, partly due to the cost-of-living crisis. We don’t ask for deposits, or any other fees associated with renting our homes, and we undertake affordability assessments for new tenants to ensure they can sustain their tenancy, rather than excluding households based on their source of income. Our tenants range from those who are entirely financially independent through to those who require support from the welfare system. The growth of our ethical lettings agency is supported by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, indicating the level of importance and value placed on an ethical lettings agency being able to engage the private rented sector to meet housing need.

Are you a landlord or investor reading this, thinking of getting involved with fantastic GM initiatives? Do you want your properties to make a difference?

We can help you make the jump, click here to contact us.

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