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This is how Salix Living & Let Us Changed A Life

For safety reasons, the person in this story has had their name hidden and they will be referred to as B. There is a rough sleeping crisis in Greater Manchester and one of the victims of this crisis was B, who in his mid-50s, had been living on the streets for several years. After a while, Salford Council’s supported tenancy team referred B to Let Us partner Salix Living, for help. Having no fixed address, B was unable to provide the usual information that a pre-tenancy checks requires, such as previous landlord or employer references nor was he able to provide a deposit for the flat. However, as Salix Living held the lease on a property, they were able to work with the Council’s team and offer B the one-bedroom flat without having to seek approval from the property and without reference to the usual checks.

B accepted tenancy on this flat in 2018 and has been sustaining the tenancy ever since. Thanks to leasehold properties provided to Salix Homes through Let Us, more vulnerable people who need a property to call home – can be helped. With the proper in great condition, for personal reasons, the landlord decided in 2020 that they wanted to sell the property. This decision caused B a great deal of distress but acting as a friendly property manager where nothing is too much, Salix Living worked with B throughout this period of upheaval and found him an alternative property they had leased close to the original property. B is now living in his new flat and continues to sustain his tenancy. Without Salix Living and properties provided via Let Us, leasing this property and others in the area, B may well have ended up in temporary accommodation or worse, back on the streets. Instead, B is happy and settled and continues to thrive in the area while all the landlords involved are happy too.

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