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Selling Your Property in the Cost of Living Crisis - Barry's Story

For Barry the cost-of-living crisis was making life difficult, struggling to manage rising energy costs at his own home and facing job uncertainty, the worry of a terraced property he had inherited back in the 80s was taking its toll.

“I had a long-standing tenant in the property who had always been reliable and had really made the house a home. When she called to say that an ongoing issue with the boiler meant she had no heating or hot water I was worried, it had been one thing after another recently. The boiler wasn’t covered on any maintenance plan – and it was something I had been dreading. The engineer confirmed that the boiler had had a temporary fix but that it really needed replacing, the cost for a new one was completely out of the question.

Looking at my options, and the bills I had coming in I was feeling the pinch massively and made the decision to sell the property. I found Let Us online and they referred me to one of the investors they are working with who were looking for properties. The fact that they could move quick was a massive draw for me, the process was so much smoother without the involvement of estate agents. It was the best decision I made, as I did then unfortunately lose my job, and found myself searching for a new opportunity – the prospect of doing this with the added worry of the old house is too much to bear!”

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