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Selling a Property as a Landlord - Maureen's Story

“When I was looking to sell one of my properties recently, I was quite overwhelmed when thinking about everything that I needed to organise, especially as I was in the middle of an extremely busy period at work. I have been really lucky over the years to build up a small (3 properties) portfolio – through buying at the right time – when property prices were more affordable. I have rented two of them out for the last 12 years or so. As I am reaching retirement, I wanted to sell one of the apartments as I have plans to travel.  


Having not sold a property for quite some time I found the thought of the whole process quite daunting – especially the cost and time involved! 

I didn’t want to be involved in a chain or spend time liaising with the estate agents, I wanted a quick and easy sale at a fair price. I hadn’t heard of Let us before – one of my friends told me about it. Let Us put me in touch with one of the investors who works with them to purchase properties. Working directly with a single cash buyer was a big plus for me, and the idea that my house would be looked after and help someone in need almost felt like a legacy. The whole process was simple, and I was paid a sensible price for the apartment without any to-ing and fro-ing on the offer. The approach by Let us to help meet the growing demand for affordable and quality housing is definitely something that I think more people should know about.” 

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