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Let Us Infographic: The Story so Far

Let Us, The Greater Manchester Ethical Lettings Agency, is operated by a group of housing providers with a long-established reputation for successfully managing tens of thousands of homes across Greater Manchester. Let Us brings these partners together for collaborative work with an overarching mission, which is to engage the private rented sector to help tackle the housing crisis by making affordable, high quality homes available to the people who really need a place to call home.

With those aims in place, we are delighted to share this infographic which shows landlords, partners and our clients - just some of the work that Let Us has completed since its inception. From 230 properties acquired and a tenant sustainability rate of 94%, the numbers look good but these aren’t just numbers, every new property has had a positive impact on a real person too.

Thanks to all of our partners for helping us to help others. We’re certainly not alone in our crusade to help people sustain tenancies, there are many other partnerships doing great work across Greater Manchester - including Athena, a partnership born out of GMHP that offers training and employment opportunities to young people! Are you a landlord or investor reading this, thinking of getting involved with fantastic GM initiatives? Do you want your properties to make a difference? We can help you make the jump, click here to contact us.

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