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Inheriting a Property in Manchester - Jenny's Story

When Jenny’s mother passed in Manchester, she inherited two properties in Manchester – one in Hulme and one in Gorton. Her mother had never mentioned the effort that she put into the properties, but Jenny knew that her mother had invested in improving the properties and that they were in up-and-coming neighbourhoods in Manchester. However, from her home in Cornwall, she couldn’t manage the repairs, maintenance, and regular inspections that her tenants needed.

“I had to find a local property management service in Manchester. I wanted to work with an agency that had a strong belief in doing the right thing and making sure that the tenants were looked after. My mother had worked with Let Us to manage the two properties. I didn’t have the time to work with the properties that I’d inherited but the team at Let Us delivered an exceptional approach to property management and the continuation of the status quo – which my tenants loved”.

Let Us had been managing the flat in Hulme for Jenny’s mother, but when she inherited the second property in Gorton, Jenny asked Let Us to continue to manage the property along with her rental property in Hulme. Let Us provides full-service property management services for properties in all of the Manchester boroughs. The properties were in fantastic condition and didn’t require any works to meet the standards required by Let Us, therefore Jenny signed up with Let Us for full-service property management with the tenants in situ. This meant that Jenny’s existing would get a great service and not be forced to move out of their homes, and Jenny had the peace of mind of knowing her properties were in safe hands.

Jenny mentioned, “The process for working with Let Us was simple and transferring the properties to their management service was easy. Now I don’t have to worry about managing my Manchester-based rental properties from afar and can trust the experts at Let Us.”

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