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How did Stockport Homes & Let Us Change A Life?

For safety reasons, the person in this story has had their name hidden and they will be referred to as A. A was living in temporary accommodation in Stockport after being evicted from their previous property due to criminal convictions. While temporary accommodation does provide a housing lifeline for many, unfortunately, A was suffering from depression at the time and was keen to secure their own, more permanent accommodation so they could begin to change their life for the better. With a huge waiting list for social housing in every borough of Greater Manchester, private rented accommodation was the only viable solution for A but many landlords were wary of offering properties to people who have lost tenancies in the past. This is where Let Us partner Stockport Homes came in to help. While running the temporary accommodation scheme A was in, they worked closely with A to identify a suitable property which met their housing needs and, with negotiations, the landlord of this property was willing to let the property to A without a deposit in place. The landlord was willing to do this because Let Us partners including Stockport Homes, are willing to guarantee income and act as a guarantor for ensuring the property remains in perfect condition. Stockport Homes ensured A could claim housing benefit and opened a Credit Union savings account for them. The rental payment for the property was safeguarded and paid directly to the landlord and the Stockport Homes team provided referrals to furniture provision. The tenancy continues to be sustained and A is now in employment and saved up a deposit which was paid to the landlord! This gave further reassurance to the landlord of commitment to continue residing at the property and by working with a Let Us partner, the landlord has changed a life.

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