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Changing lives through housing: Bolton at Home & Let Us

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

For safety reasons, the person in this story has had their name hidden and they will be referred to as C. C is a 22-year-old woman who is a former victim of domestic violence and as result of having to leave her permanent home, she was sofa surfing and rough sleeping. Thankfully she was identified by Housing First and nominated for a flat in Halliwell, Bolton. However, a team member from Let Us partner Bolton At Home had an instinct that C was too vulnerable to be able to sustain a tenancy in that area. C has various physical and mental health needs which were being addressed at Breightmet Health Centre. To ensure C had the best chances, Bolton at Home needed to identify an ideal flat for C in Breightmet, which was not only beneficial in terms of accessibility to health services but was also closer to C’s estranged family. Thankfully to landlords leasing their properties to projects like Let Us, there was availability in Breightmet and Bolton at Home were able to secure C a viewing at a property in the area.

For the viewing for the flat C had borrowed a smart outfit from her sister to show how much getting her own home meant to her and not long afterwards, she moved into the flat with just the clothes on her back.

C continues to engage well with her Housing First worker. The Housing First worker has managed to get all of the items C needed to set up home and rebuild her life using a personalisation budget.

C is managing her tenancy well, with no arrears, no ASB, and weekly engagement with the Housing First worker confirms that there are no issues that need addressing. C is a perfect tenant and has just spent her first Christmas with her family in many, many years.

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