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1 Year After: Let Us & Resonance’s £20Million NHPF2

All the housing partners that make up Let Us, the Greater Manchester Ethical Lettings Agency, were excited in December 2020 to be partnering with Resonance on their National Homelessness Property Fund 2 (NHPF2). Despite a challenging year due to the pandemic, the partnership with Resonance has given Let Us the opportunity to deliver a substantial volume of housing for people who really need a place to call home.

The fund helps to provide more homes to people in need by acquiring and refurbishing properties and leasing them to Let Us on a long-term basis. This method is much quicker than developing new homes and by working with Resonance in this way, Let Us partners can provide more properties to tenants much sooner. Despite another difficult year in 2021 with a turbulent property market caused by the Covid-19 crisis, Let Us has been working with Resonance and the fund to acquire properties and offer homes to people across Greater Manchester. Since the start of 2021, Let Us has grown from working in 5 of the 10 Greater Manchester Boroughs and now operates in 7. We aim to be working across the whole region within the next 12 months with the help of our partnership with Resonance. Best of all, this fund has helped changed lives for the better, click here to read Julie’s story – a tenant who had her life changed around after moving into a property acquired by this fund. The mission isn’t over yet, Let Us is looking forward to continue to work with Resonance in 2022 and beyond, to continue changing lives. When Let Us announced this partnership one year ago, they were grateful to press and journalists across the UK for sharing the story far and wide, click here to read an article in the MEN. Let Us have lots more life-changing stories coming soon and the teams can’t wait to share these far and wide.

See the infographic below which explains the success of Let Us so far, thanks to Resonance for helping contribute to this via the fund.

Are you a landlord or investor reading this, thinking that you want to get involved with fantastic GM initiatives? Do you want your properties to make a difference? Maybe you have properties available for lease or sale which could help to tackle the shortage of housing?

Resonance’s Property Fund Development Manager, John Dunn, said: “This last year has been challenging for so many people and we have seen the need for decent and affordable homes for everyone to live in, grow even further. So, I am delighted that, alongside our partners, Let Us, this year has seen the National Homelessness Property Fund 2 buying and refurbishing a number of properties in the Greater Manchester region. Some properties have been handed over with tenants now living in them, enabling people to put down roots in their communities and start creating positive futures for themselves. I am looking forward to working alongside the Let Us team as the fund continues to house even more people in 2022.” Let Us can help you make a real difference with your property, click here to contact us.

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